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Who are you a role model for?

Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing candidates for The Marketing Academy 2022 with the exceptional Dianne Everett.

Those applying are the best and brightest across the Australian marketing industry. Literally hundreds of candidates apply, for just 30 coveted places. The final cohort receive a full year of intensive leadership development.

As we interviewed these impressive candidates, what stood out to me is how important leader role modelling is. So much of their insights and why they wanted to be on the Marketing Academy came from observing other great leaders.

Some of their quotes included:

(This leader) "just knows who he is. He has really clear values, that he can bring into real situations, to make decisions. He can fully be himself. I want that."

"This leader was extremely commercial, driving very clear accountability. But she was also incredibly caring. I didn't realise that two such opposite skills could exist together, both as strengths"

"I have seen leaders have great impact beyond them, without burning themselves out. I'm not sure how to do that yet, but I know I need to learn"

Role modelling is so important for helping us pinpoint what great looks like, what gaps we may have, and what is possible for ourselves.

Role modelling is not a task or a specific event. It's in all of the small things that happen everyday. It creates new ripples of potential. At any age, role models show us how we can grow, and what we too can become.


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