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Family First

The thing I'm most grateful for is my family.

Writing this book has required commitment and support from my wonderful husband and beautiful daughters.

David Morgan looked after the girls when I was finding the time to write. Week after week. He was also my number 1 fan, professional photographer and book launch MC! If I had to pay him, I don't think I could have afforded all the support he provided.

Charley and Roxy helped me choose the book cover, and made suggestions on the illustrations. They kept their music down when I was deep in concentration. They bought me coffee on Saturday mornings, when I would try and get "a chunk done". Charley helpfully asked if I had met my weekly word count.

I am the author, but they are the people who inspired me, supported me and made it possible.

I had tears in my eyes when Amanda Robertson shared what the girls had written in her book.

Family really is where we find our best selves.


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