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My ideal next role

Do you know what you want in your next role or career step?

It's common to know when you feel unhappy - it could be you are frustrated, bored, feeling stale or just plain stuck. You have a reason to want change, but do you know what you want - what will make you happy?

Often times people test what they want by seeing what is out there. "Perhaps that job will be what I'm looking for?" "That job sounds interesting!" "I think I would be good at that!"

Sometimes the process as it unfolds is seductive. "They are really interested in me!" "I can do this!" "I have the right experience to excel". This is further exacerbated by the fact that in your mind you have one foot out the door, making any frustrations in your current job even more frustrating.

I mentor a lot of people, and "my next role" is frequently a topic and reason they reach out. If this is you, then I encourage you to not only think about what you are unhappy with, but what you really want (before you start scrolling job sites).

Below are seven questions which will help.

- my strengths are... (our strengths are usually what we love)

- I most want to learn...(how do you want to develop?)

- I thrive when...(what specifically brings out your best?)

- My non-negotiables are (these are must haves)

- My negotiables are (these are nice to haves...but not critical)

- My ambition is (where do you want to be in 1-2 years?)

- My desired level of challenge is (do you want a little, or a lot?)

In essence, you are creating a brief to bring out "the next best you". Be honest with yourself. Make it focused and clear (not a never-ending wish list). Challenge yourself and refine it. Use it to think about your ideal job description, company culture and personal contribution.

Of course there are no guarantees, but getting clear on what you really want, creates a much higher likelihood of finding it, even designing it. It helps you dismiss "red herrings". You will find a new level of confidence and conviction - thereby letting go of "FOMO" and exhausting second-guessing.

Are you happy in your current role? Do you know what you want your next role to be? Are you clear on what enables you to thrive?

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