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Are you thriving in your uncomfortable growth?

Have you ever noticed that what makes you nervous and uncomfortable is what you are actually ready to learn?

That is because it's something you possibly could do - on your best day. In your mind you can dream about it. Visualise it. Imagine it was true.

At the same time the visualisation of actually doing it (and the fear of failing) is what makes you nervous. Perhaps your stomach flutters. Perhaps the thought makes you perspire a little. You may even feel a little shaky.

It is there for the taking....but just slightly out of reach. The unknown factor and what could go wrong makes it thrilling and scary all at the same time.

That's because growth comes from challenge. Doing something you haven't done before, and over-riding your fear response which is saying "avoid this".

It's feeling....and believing there is a chance. By taking a chance.

It could be asking for a promotion. Saying I love you first. Calling out bad behaviour. Apologising when you get it wrong. Dealing with loss. Asking for help.

That's the uncomfortable growth zone. That is where with curiosity, courage and conviction we push through our fears to learn and thrive. Not because it is easy, and we always get it right. But because it's where we learn and expand to become more.

It's where we tame our own triggers.

It's where we are magnificently human.

Are you thriving in your uncomfortable growth zone? Do you want to be?


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