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David Morgan


David Morgan is one of the world’s most senior and experienced marketing professionals, with over 30 years in global marketing leadership for several of the world’s largest companies including; Procter & Gamble,  Citibank, Samsung, HBOS, Standard Chartered  Bank, and Nestle.

+61 418 874 007

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Work Philosophy

As a recognised leader in the development of next-generation marketing, CX, capability and customer led solutions, David has built MacMORGAN as the highest quality marketing support team from the application of behavioural economics through to organisational purpose, from structure and design through building team capability, and from effective marketing communications through to the application of data science, and insight.

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Passionate About Customers

David spends much of his time with scale ups - where they are agile and able to implement fast next practice methodologies.  He then brings the insight and learning back into large organisations - where his knowledge of corporate process, structure and governance allow him to action the insight.

The JIG process (Journey to Insight to Growth) was born from this.  By moving fast with scale ups, and learning through experience - not just theory - what works, then it can be engineered for larger more complex organisations - with even greater impact as they have the infrastructure and spend to amplify.


You can read more about the JIG process here  

Thought Leadership

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Respected for his thought-leadership, David is a regular industry speaker, invited to address organisations and academic groups, is a local ambassador for not-for-profit The Marketing Academy, and has served on various Boards including AANA, and Brand Boards with Simplot, Fonterra, and Pacific Equity Partners.

He is also renown throughout the marketing world as "the Morganiser" - a marketing program which teaches the 7 Steps for Commercial Marketing Success.  With over 8000 people having gone through the Morganiser, and famous for the A5 cheat sheet "laminated - so it can be used in the shower" - David has helped develop hundreds of today's CMO's and CEO's.   


Read more about the Morganiser Marketing Excellence program here

Life Philosophy

Having been involved in the communications industry for decades, David enjoys time out through photography - exploring landscapes, nature and people (his 2 daughters Charley and Roxy are long suffering subjects!)

His fascination with what makes people tick has led to a lifetime of travel, living across Europe, USA,  APAC, and as a proud Scot - he continues to be obsessed with British politics - with a plan to one day achieve Scottish independence! 

When he can – David also enjoys escaping to Pearl Beach on the NSW Central Coast with his family, and pondering what next over a beer and sunset - with his camera in hand!

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