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About Us

Respect. Honesty. Uncompromised.
Expertise. Partnership.


Our founder's Scottish roots and values has inspired the creation of a company of the highest professional qualities but anchored in strong values of the highest integrity.

Values Driven Business

So when I decided to leave my last corporate role – as Executive Director for Marketing, and Corporate Communications for Nestle – I not only wanted to share back (I was first and foremost a teacher after all) many of the lessons I’ve learned over 29 marketing years working with over 300 brands, spanning over 100 countries, but it seemed a natural fit to do this within my cultural heritage.


So our values - Respect, Honesty, Uncompromised, Expertise, Partnership - come directly from "A man's a man for a' that", one of many magnificent lyrical poems penned by Robert Burns the values as true to us today as they were to Burns over 220 years ago.  


Our logo - a version of the engrailed Sinclair cross - celebrates the St Clair family, originally crusading Templar Knights fleeing from persecution in France to the Shetland Islands to protect the Holy Grail and where they became the Sinclair family, my maternal line. Our use of the cross is in proud remembrance of my mother, a humble lady of great Scottish values, who sadly passed away the year we founded MacMORGAN.  


I hope it gives a small but important insight into the way my company works, and the successes we would like to partner with you to achieve.