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"Uncomfortable Growth is an ongoing life journey – not a one-off event."

Let's share insights, ideas and perspectives across work and life, which will help us turn challenges into meaning, and expand us to become more.

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Growth is something talked about extensively in the workplace in the context of people and business. Yet the human element which makes growth hard and “uncomfortable” - such as fears, triggers and personal challenges are rarely addressed, resulting in people (and businesses) getting stuck and playing a small game.


Integrating leadership, neuroscience, and psychology, Rowena draws upon 20 years experience from Top 500 companies to navigate the contradiction wired in all of us: how to embrace fear and curveballs so uncertainty and challenge can be a source of growth, not overwhelm.

Applicable to work and life, it’s a blueprint for executive leaders looking to uncover who they are, what they really want and how to make it happen. Are you ready to learn Uncomfortable Growth and live a life of growth, or regret?

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"This book helps to turn every crossroad we face into an opportunity for personal and professional growth."
- Vera Ivanova, Vice President Asia Pacific Marketing, Cooper Companies

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Uncomfortable Growth

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Uncomfortable Growth:
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Uncomfortable Growth:
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