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"Uncomfortable Growth is an ongoing life journey – not a one-off event."

Let's share insights, ideas and perspectives across work and life, which will help us turn challenges into meaning, and expand us to become more.

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Why Uncomfortable Growth?

The Workplace Context

Post Pandemic, employees see work as part of a whole person and whole life approach.

Covid crashed work and home together.  While people love the new-found flexibility, 89% of employees say they struggle with defining boundaries and 61% report feeling burnout.  This is also a key driver of “the Great Resignation”.

Employers have a unique opportunity to: 

- Recognise the significant shifts in work motivations post COVID-19 

- Provide education and tools so employees can identify life boundaries and practice self care 

- Builds self awareness and EQ, the foundation for growth, leadership and a thriving culture 

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Why Uncomfortable Growth?

The Human Context

Humans are deeply wired to avoid the unknown.  It is why uncertainty triggers fear, which results in people and businesses getting stuck and playing a smaller game. However, embracing uncertainty is also how people and businesses grow. 

Uncomfortable Growth is about navigating this human contradiction: that fear and growth exist simultaneously and compete in each of us. We can however learn how to over-ride our subconscious wiring to be our best selves, more often.  

Uncomfortable Growth is learning how to live above the line

Where are you / your people now? Where do they want to?

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Full Uncomfortable Growth Program Details

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555x360 Reco Prashant Kumar 0205 12pm
Rob Pyne 3000x1965 Testimonials for Book
Karissa Fletcher 3000x1965 Testimonials for Book
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