MacMorgan as Mentors

Why is Mentoring a Growing Need?

Marketing & Executive Leaders are in increasingly stressful complex workplaces - where they need a mentor who can advise them on real business situations

Today's Reality 

  • Cost savings focus means CMOs have less experience

  • World of work is more pressured

  • Talent churn - "I feel so overwhelmed I leave." (the ave. CMO tenure is less than 2 years)

Mentoring Provides More Business Value 

Mentoring combines senior operational experience with personalised support – to avoid costly mistakes

84% senior leaders credited mentors with helping them avoid costly mistakes and become proficient in their roles faster

Harvard Business Review 2015

Our Approach

Mentoring Tailored to the Individual, Structured, and with Purpose

Mentoring breadth

“Rowena has  played a significant role in the success of my career - she gave me encouragement, ideas for stretching my skillsets and practical suggestions for how to make my goals a reality.  Rowena is a mentor I am lucky to call a friend”


Lil Fazio - Executive Director, Consumer Engagement - Estee Lauder Companies North America

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