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"Uncomfortable Growth is an ongoing life journey – not a one-off event."

Let's share insights, ideas and perspectives across work and life, which will help us turn challenges into meaning, and expand us to become more.

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Are you looking for a keynote that is both challenging and inspiring? Relevant personally and professionally? Then Uncomfortable Growth is perfect for you.

Based on the best-selling book, and relevant to work and life, Rowena can tailor a keynote that connects deeply around a human truth – that we are all wired for fear, but you can learn how to turn trials into triumph.

Known for her relateability, vulnerability, and simple smart frameworks that make science accessible, Rowena will provoke deep thought, positivity and energy around what is possible.

Topics within Uncomfortable Growth include:

- The fear in bringing your whole self to work

- Embracing uncomfortable growth in your career

- How to own your reinvention – at any age

- Friending your imposter syndrome

- Available in person or live online.

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Full Uncomfortable Growth Program Details

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555x360 Reco Prashant Kumar 0205 12pm
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