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What would your book title be?

What would you write a book about?

I had this chat with my "forever friends" when I shared I was writing a new book, a few months ago.

To start with, we are all really different people, with completely different work careers: my friend Alex is a graphic designer as well as an artist, my friend Sharen is a tennis coach, my friend Melissa is an ex-triathlete who now works in sport. Our friendship over the past 25 years has never been based on work (in fact - we would be hard pressed to accurately describe what we each do!)

But we are the best of friends. As they looked at me laughing (and thinking I'm crazy) I said come on - give it a go. Just answer these 3 questions:

1. What is it you really care about?

2. What do you deeply know?

3. What would be valuable to others?

So they gave it a go.

Sharen sees a lot of "parenting pressure" through tennis. She has seen when it goes wrong countless times. So her book would be around "positive parenting - on and off the court".

Melissa has seen and experienced how olympic level athletes can burn out - from both physical and mental pressures. So her book would be about "Reframing the Win: how athletes can be their best and not burn out".

Beyond her day job, Alex creates the most beautiful beach landscape oil paintings - that are full of sun and optimism. Her book would be a creative children's book - about the best day at the beach, illustrated by her (the title of course would come from kids!)

This came from a 5 minute conversation. Suddenly it didn't feel impossible for them to each write a book, but interesting, exciting and important. What they know really is valuable, and could help others. Perhaps one day they will write this book - or a different one!

We all have a book in us - whether we write it or not.

What is it that you care about, know deeply and would be valuable to others? What would your book title be?


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