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Where are you on your life journey?

Recently I've been having a lot of conversations around the future.

Perhaps it's my age (impending big birthday!) which has made me more thoughtful about this. Perhaps it is the impact of COVID, and more people reassessing and considering what they really want. Perhaps it is an awareness that I'm likely more than halfway through my life. It's definitely not to be assumed or taken for granted.

What I am discovering is that mid-life is a mind set "junction point", which massively influences how you approach your second half.

It is the junction between asking "what is the point?" to "what is my point". It is the junction for thinking "my best days have been" to "my best days are to come". It is the junction between still following the old rules, to creating your own.

Mid life crisis is the wake up call, which stops us blindly continuing down the path automatically in front of us. It's the inflection point for mid life reinvention.

It's energising and exciting beyond measure to realise the future really is unwritten. It's there in front of us, waiting for a new commitment. As the world leading expert "in you", you have never been more experienced or qualified. There is a new source of power in midlife - that comes from surviving hard things, having conviction in what you believe, and knowing what matters.

The mid life junction is a choice. Both paths are still paved with crossroads and challenges. Yet one also leads to growth and fulfilment. Where looking back is filled with learning, not regret.

Where are you on your life journey? Are you ready to turn mid-life crisis into mid-life meaning?


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