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What have you taken a stand on?

How do things turn out when you take a stand? Does it lead to productive debate, or does it unravel trust and relationships?

How do you encourage diversity, and inclusivity, bringing debate and shared understanding?

For me it comes down to respect, which is my personal top value, and why this is important to me.

When you respect others, you deeply listen to understand their perspective as fully as you are capable of. This means not nodding your head while waiting for a pause to jump in, but where you put yourself in their shoes, to see it from their perspective, their beliefs, their why.

Respect is also about yourself. Respecting yourself, means you give equal consideration to your own perspective. What do you think and why. Speaking up so you are seen and heard. Speaking out so others can learn from you.

The final element of respect is regard. You speak your truth, not to be right, but to be honest. You speak up because you hold another in high esteem. Because they have value, and deserve to hear your truth. You will put yourself out there - sometimes with risk, because it's important, and regard means they are worthy of this.

Taking a stand needs to be done respectfully. Only then can we put aside our ego's to find common ground. Or respectfully not. Only then is there psychological safety to know its OK to disagree, speak up, and stand behind your convictions.

You know respect is at work when you can strongly disagree with someone and not feel it is your mission to change their mind as a way of validating your own.

The world needs diversity and inclusiveness. It needs debate, challenge, empathy, understanding and common ground. This will only happen productively though with respect at the centre.

What have you taken a stand on? Did you feel respected? Did you have respect at your centre?


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