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What chapter are you in?

I caught up with a close friend today. We originally met as colleagues, but became personal friends really fast. After a few years our respective jobs took us in different directions so we haven't worked together for over a decade, but we are still close.

She is a person with great energy, Today when we caught up she was radiant. Often when we squeeze in a catch up it's rushed(a quick coffee or lunch in between work meetings) but today she was relaxed and happy. I could see the light in her eyes. She was fully in the moment, without any distraction.

She shared that she has come to a decision to leave her current job and profession after 20+ years. Not to look for a similar job, but to have a break and look and reflect on what she really wants to do. It is not because something bad happened at work, or she was angry / disappointed / upset. It's because she is ready, to find her next path. She doesn't know what that is. She doesn't have a plan or even a list. She wants to stop and enjoy the simple things while she contemplates, explores, and sees what unfolds. To enjoy the adventure of discovery and what could be.

Many people dream of this, but sadly our rational sides often dismiss it. Yet this is within the reach of anyone.

She isn't rich (or poor). She has worked all her life. She was great at her recent job and enjoyed it. Money, careers, recognition - the things we have worked hard for and which once bought us satisfaction can also act as invisible handcuffs which hold us back. There are a lot of rational reasons why she should continue. Except that it no longer fulfills her. It takes deep self awareness to recognise when a good path has run its course. It is often harder to end something good. It takes conviction to create a dream - that doesn't yet exist.

She just knew it was time. And made a decision. A decision that is open to us all, at any point. If we choose it.

I'm so excited for her. It's a new beginning. She is ready to create her next chapter.

What chapter are you in? Are you ready to move to your next chapter? Or even write a completely new book?


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