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Seven Deadly Gins

I'm so excited to try this new Gin brand "Seven Deadly Gins".

Why is this?

Well, first of all, I do enjoy Gin as a drink, especially in Summer. It's crisp and refreshing.

From a marketing viewpoint, Gin has also had a major innovation makeover in the last few years. I observed it first in Edinburgh when we were back visiting family in 2018. Suddenly there were Gin bars on the High Street. Not just standard gin either. Flavoured gins. Gin with botanicals. Boutique, crafted gin. This was definitely new. I started to think that Scotland had given up whiskey for gin (of course this was not the case, they just added gin incrementally to their whiskey repertoire!)

Then Australia caught the gin wave, and Gin became front and centre. Today there are so many creative gin options. It's really fun to shop and enjoy gin.

But this new one - the seven deadly gins looks fabulous!

Probably because it's a passion project from a great marketer Cat Douglas. The positioning, packaging and website is brilliant (it didn't take me long to "shop"...can't wait until it arrives).

When I asked Cat why she and her friend created a gin brand (not your everyday thing!) she said "it really was a desire to create something that had brand at its essence: A brand we could do what we liked with and a process that filled our creativity cup without shackles, and with fun at its heart. For me personally, an opportunity to learn something new and take a risk."

How brilliant is that?

So fellow marketers, be inspired. There truly is no better way to test your marketing smarts and learn EVERYTHING about customer experience than launching your own brand.


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