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Life by Design

One of the discussions I have within my Thought Leaders community (amongst many!) is creating a Life By Design.

As I edge closer to 50, it is something I've been giving thought to. What do I want my life to look like in the next decade? How would I design it? What if there were no rules or requirements? What would stay the same, what would be different? What would I plan for? What would I give up? The variations and possibilities were making my head spin.

Then I heard Charleys head of year teacher talking about her vision for her students - to create life long learners. She talked about the balance between Duty and Delight. Duty - because learning takes discipline, commitment and dedication. Delight - because then the duty is not overly heavy and a resented burden. There is curiosity, enjoyment and fulfillment. The hard work in duty pays off with delight in learning. The joy in delight inspires duty. They balance and share energy with each other, just like in yin and yang, to create a life long love of learning.

It struck me that this was a wonderful model for Life By Design. Duty and Delight are both equally important. The focus and commitment to the things we need to do, must be balanced by the delight in the things we choose to do. Each make the other possible and more meaningful.

I have started, but haven't yet completed my Life By Design plan. Rather than scoping more variables, I think I will focus on balancing duty and delight, and see what unfolds.

Today, that feels like the right place to be.


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