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How is your future growth being unlocked?

Last night I had the privilege of being at The Marketing Academy "reveal" party. It was wonderful to celebrate the class of 2021 who were graduating, and to congratulate all of the people who had been selected for the 2022 program.

The words "life changing" and "transformational" are often used in the same sentence at these events. The current cohort and alumni talk passionately about what the program meant for each of them. For some it was learning more about themselves, for others it was discovering what they really wanted. For all of them it was an incredible experience that will stay with them forever.

With 7 years of mentoring the different participants as a reference point, I think the true gift of TMA - is it proves to each person their own "uncomfortable growth" capability and their unlimited potential.

The program is like setting a "personal best" record in growth. The participants all discover in different ways how much growth they are really capable of generating in a single year. Now with this new baseline they are energised to push even more boundaries, and to have the courage and motivation to do the hard work, which unlocks their personal potential, new possibilities and purpose.

Not everyone will get the opportunity to go on The Marketing Academy program. Regardless, we all have the same unlimited growth potential. We just need to be ready to own our growth, and put ourselves out there to realise it. It is ultimately a choice.

What is your uncomfortable growth "personal best" baseline? How is your future growth being unlocked? Are you in the right zone?


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