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Do you know what era you are currently in?

I was looking through old photo albums with my kids - the ones we all made before digital and social media. It's really nice to be able to see the different "eras" that have made up my life so far. Of course Charley and Roxy loved looking at the bad hair, distinct fashion and hearing about all the stories that happened before them.

I found myself describing my life "era's". That was my money era, my career era, or my love era. There were definite themes, and without it being intentional, I saw that every few years I switched into a new era.

Which made me think about now and the next 5 years. We can actually choose our era. We can figure out what we are ready for by listening to our inner selves.

I find myself currently in a growth era. Defining and creating meaningful work. Stretching into new horizons that are important to me. Developing my own thinking. Writing books (my second book is coming soon!).

I also see over the next few years an adventure era. As Charley and Roxy finish high school, David and I will be able to experience life in new ways. I'm not sure what this will look like, but I can feel the tug and energy bubbling up inside. I'm excited about exploring what this could be. Changing variables on a massive scale. We could live anywhere. Do completely new things. Tap into new parts of our being.

Do you know what era you are currently in? Do you know what era you would choose next?


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