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This week has been very emotional and exhausting for my parents and my whole family.

My parents, after selling their family sized home, had to pack up and move. They were not just moving, but downsizing. Going from a large family home with a triple garage and massive shed, to a villa.

It wasn't only the hard physical work of packing up a big family home (which is exhausting in itself). It was the memories wrapped up in every item. My Dads tools that he inherited from my Pa. My mums collection of cookbooks. All of our trash and treasures which had been collected over the years. The special momentos they had picked up on overseas trips. Those items which had been in their lives - a constant during highs, lows and crossroads.

They had to work out what to "give up" or "give away", and what to keep. Even though a lot of the things had not been looked at or even used in years, it was soaked with meaning. Of a time, a person, a moment, a place, an adventure, an emotion.

But now as we unpack in their new home, it's exciting to see the start of something new. Fresh. Simple. Modern. Light. Uncomplicated. A blank canvas.

While this was a physical move, it's the same process we go through when we move on in any part of our lives. Whether its in careers, relationships, passions, life-stages or choices. We have to

1. Go through the clutter (and there can be a lot of "stuff")

2. Decide what to let go (this can be emotional and difficult)

3. Decide what to keep (this is a test of what is really important)

3. Unpack this in a new fresh way (this is energising and exciting).

I'm excited for my parents. This is a new era for them. It's what they need now. We will always have wonderful and special memories of "the Country Club" at Bundanoon. But now they have downsized, they have the freedom to create something completely new - that will be wonderful in a completely new way.


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