Rowena Millward

Managing Partner

Rowena consults and runs capability programs for many of the worlds most admired brands and companies. 

She is an expert in marketing & customer experience, and how to operationalise growth across organisations.

Her 25 years experience in top 500 companies – has given her insight into how transformation happens. Not the theory, but the practice. She is an operational expert on how to build the plane while still flying it.

+61 408 769 029

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Work Philosophy

For Rowena, growth is achieved through the integration of brand experience, customer experience, people experience and innovation experience. Thereby driving growth from the “outside in” (customer and brand) and the “inside out” (people and innovation). 


She advocates “horizontal growth” – showing organisations how to integrate and operationalise an end to end approach, which elevates collaboration and breaks down siloes.

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Passionate About People

Rowena has consistently proven that transformation happens fastest through people. Her ability to combine business insight with people insight ensures solutions are owned and actioned at scale.  She works across all levels of organisations helping to unravel the knots which hold businesses and people back and then implement the new capabilities they need to move forward. 


Fascinated with how to re-engage change fatigued organisations, Rowena developed a proprietary methodology - Uncomfortable Growth, which integrates a growth mindset with resilience, and a progressive methodology on how to turn tough business challenges into new possibilities and opportunities.

Lead Educator

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Rowena is also a leading educator on all 4 of the experience vectors. She has developed multiple leading-edge programs across marketing, CX, & leadership - focused on the future skills organisations need to succeed now.


Her real world examples are combined with adult experiential learning principles to embed the learning to realise business value. Her free “how to” videos (seen weekly on LinkedIn & Facebook) are part of her commitment to upskill the next generation of business leaders.

Life Philosophy

Having juggled 20 years of marriage, 2 international careers (with her husband), cancer, and 2 beautiful girls, Rowena believes that all women can chose the life they want.


As part of giving back, she frequently mentors other women in how they can thrive with the choices they make, and how those choices can evolve. 

When she can – Rowena loves escaping to Pearl Beach on the Central Coast in NSW (her happy place) and reading books on the beach, swimming, laughing and dreaming of what next.