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Understand The Key Issues

Students Care About

We recognise that students from different markets have different priorities when it comes to choosing where to study. 


So we have developed a range of unique research solutions to define the few insights that will connect with your target audience in a relevant way, to build your competitive advantage.

International Agent

Mystery Shopping

The only international benchmarking research built to help you improve the impact of your international recruitment activity, by understanding what your agents in different markets discuss with your prospective students. Click here for more information.



Both qualitative and quantitative research is available to develop a deeper insight into a key market to enable you to develop highly relevant and impactful communication and activities.

Multicultural On-Shore Research

Recognising that Australia’s population is increasingly multicultural, 55% of Sydneysiders are from a non-English speaking background, where their culture has influenced their attitudes and behaviours towards higher education.

Student Journey Mapping

Focussed on individual student segments to truly understand their unique attitudes and behaviours from enquiry to enrolment to help improve influence throughout the student recruitment journey.

Data to Insights Workshops

A cross-functional review to distil the wealth of data available into actionable insights, to create data driven growth plans.

We help you understand how to connect with your target audience in a more relevant way, by identifying the key issues students in each country care about the most when deciding where to study.

Contact John at for more information.

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