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"Uncomfortable Growth is an ongoing life journey – not a one-off event."

Let's share insights, ideas and perspectives across work and life, which will help us turn challenges into meaning, and expand us to become more.

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Growth is something talked about extensively in the workplace in the context of people and business. Yet the human element which makes growth hard and “uncomfortable” - such as fears, triggers and personal challenges are rarely addressed, resulting in people (and businesses) getting stuck and playing a small game.


Integrating leadership, neuroscience, and psychology, Rowena draws upon 20 years experience from Top 500 companies to navigate the contradiction wired in all of us: how to embrace fear and curveballs so uncertainty and challenge can be a source of growth, not overwhelm.

Applicable to work and life, it’s a blueprint for executive leaders looking to uncover who they are, what they really want and how to make it happen. Are you ready to learn Uncomfortable Growth and live a life of growth, or regret?

Why Uncomfortable Growth?

The Workplace Context

Post Pandemic, employees see work as part of a whole person and whole life approach.

Covid crashed work and home together.  While people love the new-found flexibility, 89% of employees say they struggle with defining boundaries and 61% report feeling burnout.  This is also a key driver of “the Great Resignation”.

Employers have a unique opportunity to: 

- Recognise the significant shifts in work motivations post COVID-19 

- Provide education and tools so employees can identify life boundaries and practice self care 

- Builds self awareness and EQ, the foundation for growth, leadership and a thriving culture 

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Full Uncomfortable Growth Program Details

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Why Uncomfortable Growth?

The Human Context

Humans are deeply wired to avoid the unknown.  It is why uncertainty triggers fear, which results in people and businesses getting stuck and playing a smaller game. However, embracing uncertainty is also how people and businesses grow. 

Uncomfortable Growth is about navigating this human contradiction: that fear and growth exist simultaneously and compete in each of us. We can however learn how to over-ride our subconscious wiring to be our best selves, more often.  

Uncomfortable Growth is learning how to live above the line

Where are you / your people now? Where do they want to?

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Full Uncomfortable Growth Program Details

Uncomfortable Growth recognises your best self is a whole person, that constantly evolves

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The 4 questions that underpin the Uncomfortable Growth methodology are founded on the principle that you need to “Know Yourself to Grow Yourself”.   Each questions helps you you to understand where you are at, where you want to go, and how to take action.   So you can reframe fear and have the courage and conviction to lead a life of growth, not regret.

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Full Uncomfortable Growth Program Details

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