High Performing Teams

With less resource and more complexity, high performance has never been more critical.  But do they know how to remove the pain points, to get there - together?

This is valuable as.....

  • 75% of teams perform well below their potential (source:  McKinsey 2017).  

  • Restructures lead constantly to team changes, and how to build a high performing team is a critical leadership skill

  • It brings together “the what” (work to be done) with “the how” (behaviours) to dramatically increase team trust, collaboration and performance 


This is a structured training day - whereby individuals or whole teams learn why teams are often disfunctional - and how to change that. 


Education with practical and proven tools on how to diagnose what’s causing poor performance, how to shift this, and hold each other accountable to create sustainable high performance.  This covers the role of the individual, as well as the role of the team.


All functions, cross functional teams, client and agencies together


1 Day training, supported with 12 weekly EDM's offering additional insights & tips for success


  • High Performing Teams Training Materials, A5 laminated reference guide, 

  • 12 weeks of reminder EDM’s with additional tips and tricks - for embedding the learning

  • 6 months free phone coaching related to application of the training

MacMORGAN have proudly led High Performing Teams for....



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