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OMD Elevate is a new marketing training program, that is designed to help accelerate marketing skills most critical for growth for OMD clients.

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Marketing Excellence
Date: April 05 2019
Date: August 08 2019
Customer Excellence
Date: May 16 2019
Date: September 12 2019
Innovation Excellence
Date: June 20 2019
Date: October 17 2019

Morganiser: Marketing Excellence

The course will cover how to achieve commercial marketing success providing principles, processes & tools to drive an effective customer experience led approach. The Morganiser focuses on engaging the consumer for brand and business performance, providing 7 straightforward steps for marketing success, building your capability and your team’s success now, and for the future.

Success from identifying & changing consumer behaviour
Developing consumer insights from data, analytics & research
Developing & prioritising marketing strategy & planning
Maximising the contribution of agency partners
Identifying the most engaging & effective ideas
Delivering marketing execution with excellence
Measurement and improving capability
Steps for Marketing Excellence

Customer Experience Excellence

This course, curated by senior marketing leaders, brings together all of the critical pieces that are demanded of senior executives today in delivering customer experience - the holy grail - giving you real clarity on how to apply these insights to your business.

Join leading fellow executives and hear from guest speakers and CX experts on their struggles, learnings and achievements and learn ways tobenchmark your organisation on your CX progress to propel you forward faster.

CX ‘OUTSIDE IN’ - 4 steps to bring the customer into your business
CX ‘INSIDE OUT’ - 5 steps to build and leverage your culture for customer engagement
INSIGHT GENERATION - synthesising massive data, and stakeholder complexity
CX METRICS & KPIs - that make sense with the P&L
DESIGN THINKING - core principles and tools for innovation
the next practice brand model
DEVELOPING CX  CAPABILITY - for your teams, your stakeholders and yourself
CX WAYS OF WORKING - Agile marketing strategy and planning
– what you need to lead and succeed

Innovation Excellence

This one-day hands on workshop is developed by CMO’s and marketing leaders. The workshop teaches you the basics of MacMORGAN Design Thinking and agile methods, giving you real, practical tools that you can take into the workplace and put to use the very next day.


  You will learn how to use design thinking to derive innovative and disruptive solution from complex problems, and how to implement those solutions through Agile methods.

Relationship between innovation, design thinking and agile
When to use design thinking in your organisation?
Agile 101: What you need to know
What is Design Thinking and why its important?
The 6 steps of design thinking
Balancing business as usual and innovative initiatives
How design thinking helps in creating disruptive innovations?
Implementing innovative solutions through Agile methods