Marketing Process Redesign

The design or improvement of major  brand / marketing / cross functional processes, which are critical to in market delivery.

This is valuable as.....

  • Marketing continues to transform and processes need to be redesigned to harness and integrate changes in consumer behaviour

  • With restructures happening consistently, often processes are no longer fit for purpose. They need to be redesigned with the new organisation design

  • If processes have multiple pain points that are not addressed, it creates unproductive team tension and reduces employee engagement


This is a bespoke approach, where we leverage our “define, design, do” approach and the expert knowledge of your teams, to redesign processes, train them across your teams, and put in place clear roles and responsibilities for ongoing sustainability.


  • Define: Executive insights on what are the pain points, and what is the root cause

  • Decide: The process(es) requiring redesign, and the right team members 

  • Do: Rollout the new process, test in practice and refine.  Build team capability in use of the process


  • Marketing / Sales Teams

  • Cross Functional Teams


Bespoke, based on the scope


  • Executive Insight Summary

  • Process Redesign, operating manual

  • Training materials

MacMORGAN have proudly led new process redesigns for.....



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