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Leading Through Change

Change is increasing exponentially, but people innately don’t like change. This program shows you how to harness the change potential in people to deliver the change required for business success.

This is valuable as.....

  • "Change will never be this so again".  Change will accelerate - in 5 years our technologies will have improved 36 times. (source: Ray Kurzweil’s exponential growth charts)

  • More than 65% of change efforts currently fail (Source: CEB Gartner 2017)

  • Leading change is a science and art - that can be learnt 


This is a structured training day - whereby individuals or whole teams learn how to lead change 



Education with practical and proven tools on how to lead change.  This covers the 3 stages in leading change:

  1. Making change desire-able: what is required for people to want change

  2. Making change inclusive:  what is required to have people contribute to change

  3. Making change Inevitable:  what is required to embed change

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All mid to senior level leaders who are influential is leading or contributing to change.



  • 1 Day training

  • 12 weeks of weekly EDM's with additional insights & tips to embed

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  • Leading Through Change Training Materials, A5 laminated reference guide 

  • 12 weeks of reminder EDM’s with additional tips and tricks - for embedding the learning

MacMORGAN have produly led Leading Through Change education for....

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