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Engage The Right Market

With The Right Message

We all have a limited amount of time and money to spend on achieving any objective - personal or business. So prioritising where to invest our resources becomes one of the most important drivers to successfully achieving our objectives.


Try to do too much, and spread your time and money too thinly over too many activities, and none of them will gain critical mass versus your competitors with your target market, and you won't achieve your objectives. Spend your time and money on the wrong activities and you won't achieve your objectives. 


When it comes to recruiting students there are literally a limitless combination of countries, cities, courses, agents and touchpoint combinations you could invest your limited time and money in to grow your student recruitment in 2020.

So how do you work out which combination to invest in?


We believe that by answering two questions you can focus your resources on the few activities that will make the biggest difference for your institution next year;

Where to play?

Rather than only focussing on a market’s size and growth, (which will lead to the same market priorities for all institutions).

Also consider your ability to win in each market, your institutional strengths (and weaknesses) versus the unique needs of each market to identify markets where you will have a stronger competitive advantage.

We then work to prioritise those markets where you have significant growth potential and a strong competitive advantage for investment.

How to win?

We start by recognising one message for your institution or course for all your international markets will not create preference for your institution ahead of your competitors, because;


  • Students from different cultures care about different issues when deciding where to study.

  • The strength and breadth of your brand reputation varies by market.

  • The strength of your agent relationships varies by market.


We work with you to understand what students (and agents) care about the most in your target market, the strengths and weaknesses of your institution’s brand reputation for each priority course and the best use of your master-brand for each market.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.21.58 pm.png

Institutional brand-led strategies are often developed to appeal to a blend of multiple audiences to create one message that is then used across all markets.


But not all markets are interested in the same issues to the same degree, so one message cannot be highly relevant and motivating in all markets.


We help you create more impactful market-specific recruitment plans, by identifying the different messages that are the most relevant and appealing in the different markets.

Contact John at for more information.

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