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4 Steps to CX Transformation

A program that provides an end to end solution for transforming to customer experience, and active support in how to implement this with your teams

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This is valuable as.....

  • CX is not a project, it’s an operating model and way of working.  It spans across your vision, priorities, workflow, capabilities, processes and culture

  • We break down what is complex into 4 distinct stages that build progressively

  • We work with your teams on HOW to shift from current state to future state


This is a facilitated process, where we bring our operational experience and coaching skills to help your teams move to CX.



A diagnosis and plan for each of the 4 stages, and hands on coaching for helping your organisation actually make the shift outlined in the plan

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We require executive sponsorship, but work is done across the organisation and all level of teams



Specifically scoped

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  • A detailed assessment of your business against the 4 steps, and scale of transformation required

  • A specific plan for each of the 4 steps on what to action next, how, and who is responsible

  • Hands on coaching and capability plan - working with your teams to help them do it

MacMORGAN have proudly led CX Transformation for.....

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