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Compelling Insights

How to gather sources of knowledge and synthesize this into deep, compelling insights that change consumer behaviour.

1 day, hands on workshop covering how to craft deep, compelling insights

  • Step 1: Defining what is an insight - really. How is it different to data & facts

  • Step 2: Where do I find Insights: different approaches that unearth insights 

  • Step 3: How do I synthesize & craft insights - that engage and sell my brand

  • Step 4: How do I apply insights - in customer experience, marketing comms, innovation, people and all business contexts

This is valuable as.....

  • We are overwhelmed with excessive data and facts, and not clear on how to synthesize these into truly compelling insights

  • Insights must engage, AND connect to your brand strategy  - or they won't drive sales  

  • Insights are the single biggest contributor to big ideas

  • Insights are the foundation of competitive advantage

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  • Training materials

  • Hands on application

  • The Insight Finder tool

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  • Marketing teams

  • Customer Teams

  • Corporate Comms Teams

  • Agency & Media Owner Teams



1 day workshop with 12 weeks of embedding videos

Also available as a series of 10 live webinars

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  • Briefing format

  • Insight training materials

  • Insight Finder tool

MacMORGAN have proudly led have proudly led Advanced Insight training for ......

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