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Compelling Communication

This program provides the simple tools that will uncover your authentic self, and give you the confidence in connecting - whether its one on one, or one to many.

This is valuable as.....

  • Compelling communication is critical as a leader - but many are not comfortable or confident with sharing personal stories with large groups of people.

  • Senior leaders are role models.  Employees look to them for inspiration, vision setting, purpose and connection.

  • Talking about “the work” is different to talking about “purpose”, and sharing personal stories that inspire action and commitment.  This takes practice.

  • We think our own stories are boring, but this is untrue.  Recognising your authentic self will give you confidence in talking about you own stories and communicating in a compelling way in any context.


This is a small group training - maximum number of 10.  People will get the chance to

uncover their own authentic self, stories, and get comfortable in sharing them in any context.



Education with practical and proven tools on how to communicate in a compelling way as a leader.  This covers: 

Uncovering your authentic self:

  • Finding your authentic self:  identity, personality, style.

  • Finding your compelling stories:  your 5 stories that are relevant to business 

Engaging with your audience:

  • Providing structure to your story - head (rational), heart (emotional), hands (what do you want the audience to do?)

  • Connection:  how do you personally connect - leveraging your authentic self.  How do you move away from “the work” to the “why”

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All mid to senior level leaders who need to move beyond communicating about “the work” to “the why” - in front of teams or large numbers of people.



A 2 Day session:

Day 1:  Uncovering Your Authentic Self & Engaging with your Audience

Day 2:  Practicing 

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  • Compelling Communication Training Materials, A5 laminated reference guide 

  • 12 weeks of reminder EDM’s with additional tips and insights - for embedding the learning 

MacMORGAN have produly led led Compelling Communication education for ....

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