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 Capability Strategy  

As your business transforms, so will your critical capabilities for success. This program assesses your business vision, the critical capabilities your sales & marketing teams need to succeed, and how to build them. 

This is valuable as.....

  • Marketing and Sales are transforming faster than ever - so is capability.  

  • The World Economic Forum highlights 35% of core skills changed from 2015 -2020.

  • Automation & AI will replace repeatable skills, increasing focus on strategic & soft skills


This is a bespoke approach designed to identify the specific capabilities critical to your company’s success, across functional, strategic and leadership skill clusters.  

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3 Step Process to develop your Capability Strategy:

  1. Audit of your required capabilities versus your business vision and business model

  2. Assessment of your capability gaps:  now and in the future

  3. Action Plan - a detailed plan on how to close these gaps and develop the capabilities critical for current and future success

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  • Executive teams

  • Heads of Functions,

  • Capability Specialists

  • HR Leaders



Based on size & complexity of function

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A capability strategic plan, with Audit results, assessment of capability gaps, and a plan on how to address.  The plan covers what capabilities need to be imported, developed, and enabled through structure and process.


Separately, MacMORGAN can develop for you a bespoke competency framework or Capability Academy  

MacMORGAN have proudly led Customer Capability Stategy for.....

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