Communications Planning

When building brands and business, communications planning is a critical annual process

TRES is a key step in annual planning

Strategic Stories

How to develop stories that influence


7 steps to building commercially successful campaigns


Communications planning that turns stories into action

Blurring of media

The blurring of new channels, platforms and technologies,

as well as multiple agencies creates confusion and pain points

How do you brief your agencies on what is strategically important in this complex media world?

That’s why MacMORGAN developed TRES

A way to prioritise how we connect with consumers first


Enabling Channels

Online or offline to be identified strategically

Customer journey mapping forces prioritisation – against the connections and moments that matter most

Our process empowers your agencies

To get a holistic response that answers your brand challenge

TRES identifies the strategic connections

To deliver your desired consumer behaviour change

It uniquely integrates online and offline together.

Get a holistic response

That answers your brand challenges

We guarantee your Communications brief will be 80% complete by the end of the 1 day workshop. 

Head of Strategy

Media Agency


This process was fantastic.  Rather than back and forth for weeks over email – we were able to understand, contribute, and get really clear on what we needed to do. Having it facilitated with this process saved months, and made working with other agencies so much easier.  All of us were grinning at the end


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