As marketing leaders, we were consistently frustrated that fast, cost-effective measurement tools were missing from our armoury and the available tools took too long.
The choices were the traditional slow expensive tools - mainly linked to above-the-line television communication, slow expensive qualitative focus groups, or new-age on-line tools which may be quick but weren't anchored in robust commercial success.

Morgan Tools

So we've developed the tools we always wanted but didn't have, based on principles we've validated over the last 25 years across many organisations, brands, categories, and cultures.
They deliver decision making support within a maximum of 48 hours - so essential for social, content, and all messaging at all consumer touchpoints.

The ME Score

The Me is designed to benchmark Ideas on four key principles which are proven success factors.


However your Idea is presented, we deconstruct it to a raw level, then benchmark it versus a pool of other Ideas - these can be from the same category, same culture, or just a broad based pool. Within 48 hours, we share a report showing the strength of the Idea on the four principles, and an overall predictive score. Straightforward, fast and powerful for marketers managing multiple messages across multiple platforms.

In a similar way, we can assess not only the power of Insights, but also whether they have been optimised in the way they have been executed.
Using expert analysis of global, local, category and cultural norms - we can assess whether your teams are uncovering the most powerful and appropriate insights to use, and whether they are executing in the most effective way.