60 day strategic plan

As the complexity of marketing accelerates, how do you manage the present business, while creating the future? 

Every board member has an opinion on marketing - how do you align them to what really matters?

So we've developed Mac-celeration

A complete strategic plan in 60 days

Develop a board supported plan within 60 days
Co-develop Strategy & Plan
100 days
Vision, Mission, KPIs
Strategy, Execution Plan, Innovation
Capability, Training, Ways of Working

How does Mac-celerate help CMO’s?

CMO’s are already busy and under pressure to deliver the business. When do they get the time to create the future?

Mac-celerate gives you CMO level partners – with operational expertise and leading edge frameworks to help you create the future - while still delivering the current business 

Consumer centricity today is much bigger than marketing – its all functions

Mac-celerate identifies the intersection with all business functions – to drive board & cross functional alignment

High performing organisations consistently perform better across all critical capabilities. 


Mac-celerate helps you benchmark your capabilities, and provide training that upskills and empowers your teams to deliver

70% of change programs fail, primarily due to lack of alignment.

Mac-celerate integrates a change management plan that enrolls all stakeholders, and connects vision, with strategy, with capability, to succeed

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