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Innovation Excellence

We provide consulting leadership and learning support for organisations wanting to achieve innovation excellence with consumer-centric marketing. We also stay connected to the start-up community through various organisational partnerships as we believe innovation isn't something you should do from the sidelines.
As marketing leaders, our experience is in managing transformational innovation to better serve the consumer at every touch point.


Proven track record of delivery at Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Procter & Gamble, Standard Chartered Bank, and in local contexts for Bankwest (HBOS), Nestle, Tabcorp, Macquarie University.

Innovation Excellence

The Innovation Catalyst Approach

The Output: a disruptive big idea -  in 1 week

1 week Sprint

Inspired by radical strategic & creative techniques

Propelled by

live consumer feedback 

Empowered to disrupt & deliver


The Design

Successful outcomes requires the blending of all 3 – with expert knowledge of the proven process – and experienced facilitation.

The Catalyst Propellers

MacMorgan integrate their proprietary strategic marketing tools with fun examples to illustrate and ensure diverse skill sets are equally empowered to contribute, and the outcome is front & centre.

Creativity in groups needs to be unlocked – through layered techniques.  These need to be woven throughout the engagement – to inspire thinking, action and outcomes.

Integrating live feedback – from real consumers, super-fans and each other enables the biggest ideas to rapidly bubble to the top – and be expanded into bigger ideas & touchpoint stories.

Innovation Learning & Workshops

Partnering for Innovation Success - MacMorgan offers courses in Innovation Excellence and bespoke workshops

Individual Learning Courses

Join one of our open training programs to achieve innovation excellence

Bespoke Workshops

Let us facilitate your next innovation workshop with our innovation process


MacMORGAN Ventures & Incubator

Partnering for Next Practice Marketing Success

We partner with customer let organisations to develop next practice capability for brands, businesses and their people.


Building business value through engaging with the start-up community, VC & PE


An incubator developing next practice products and opportunities



M: +61 408 769 029


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