MacMorgan has partnered with Australia's award-winning multicultural marketing agency CulturalPulse to bring their proven culturally relevant campaign approach to recruiting international students.

On-shore fast-track campaigns designed to quickly engage prospective international students living in Australia.

Off-shore market-specific campaigns designed to drive brand preference by engaging international students living in their home country on the issues they care about the most.

Generate 3x more clicks 

and increase brand preference

with international students

The challenge

The global higher education market is becoming increasingly crowded, providing prospective students with virtually unlimited choice.

Successfully influencing prospective students to choose to study at your institution requires a culturally relevant, student-centered approach to succeed.

The process

We facilitate the creation of culturally relevant campaigns for each target market to help you stand-out from your competition and generate 3x more clicks than your traditional campaigns.

So whether you are looking to drive on-shore or off-shore international student recruitment, promote a new course or market a new scholarship, we have the right solution for you.

1. Culturally relevant message(s)

Cultural influences have seen students (and their families) from different countries develop different attitudes and behaviors towards deciding where to study.

We help you understand how to connect with your target audience in a more relevant way, by adapting your message to be relevant to the key issues students in each country care about the most when deciding where to study.

2. Create emotionally engaging content

We recognise that the global higher education market is crowded with a lot of institutions advertising very similar messages to prospective students. 

We create emotionally engaging content by bringing to life the culturally relevant messages in a way that visually represents the target market and uses their first language, so that you stand out from the crowd.

3. Trusted communication channels

Advertising is inherently distrusted and ignored, in favour of the opinions of family, friends, and "social proof" from people-like-me on social media.

We engage student’s trusted social networks to advocate and refer your institution and then amplify the message through culturally relevant media.

Tap into our partner CulturalPulse's network of 2.5million multicultural Australians to develop a deeper connection.

Acess over 5,000 cultural community ambassadors and influencers to create advocacy and referral for your institution.

Drive lead conversion

Generating leads with culturally relevant content won’t drive enrolment if the subsequent conversion activity lacks relevance and engagement.

We can extend the culturally relevant content across key conversion touchpoints and tailor it to make sure it’s relevant for each stage of the enrolment journey to improve conversion.

Case Study - T20 Cricket

To test the impact of our culturally relevant approach, we ran a like-for-like test on Facebook with the same duration, spend and parameters.

Traditional campaign

A traditional one-size-fits-all approach was used by the ICC to recruit multicultural communities to buy tickets to the 2020 Women’s World Cup opening matches.

Culturally relevant campaign

We created a video shot in Punjabi, featuring a popular member of the Australian Punjabi community, talking to the viewer in a humorous way about giving back and showing their support for their home team.


The video achieved 8x the engagement 

and 3x the clicks of the traditional video.

5-steps to developing culturally relevant campaigns

We also facilitate a more comprehensive 5-step process to develop culturally relevant campaigns, ideal when you aren't quite so confident about your value proposition for the market;

1. Insight

Identify for each market the issues students care about the most when deciding where to study.

2. Message

Cultural insights matched to institutional competitive advantages to create compelling propositions specific to each market.

3. Creative

Visually represent the target market and use their first-language to bring to life the culturally relevant messages.

4. Channels

Engage trusted social networks to advocate and refer your institution.

Amplify through culturally relevant media.

5. Conversion touchpoints

Extend the culturally relevant content tailored to each stage of the enrolment journey.

We help you stand out from your competitors and grow faster, by engaging prospective students in the issues they care about the most, through their most trusted advisors.

For more information on our culturally relevant campaigns, please contact John at for more information.