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A staged end-to-end communication development process that places the student (not the institution) at the center of the process to increase your influence on their behaviour.

There are 5 key stages to our approach;


  • Insight - Developing a clear understanding of what the target audience cares about, to enable the institution to position its message in a relevant way.

  • Strategy - Create a clear purpose for the communication, to enable a consistent approach across touch-points and time.

  • Content - Compelling stories tailored to address the insights to engage the target audience.

  • Creative - Even when we can’t be differentiated to our competitors we can still be distinctive and impactful though our creative approach

  • Touchpoint - Prioritising touch-points is critical to efficiently reaching the target market.


To support this process we have developed several higher education specific services;


International recruitment agent mystery shopping research - Grow international recruitment in 6 ways with off-shore agent mystery shopping conducted by local students to uncover what is really said by agents in counselling sessions. Download info pack here.


Multicultural research - Off-shore or on-shore qualitative and quantitative research to uncover culturally distinct insights. How is what Indian students care about different to what Chinese students care about?


International recruitment market prioritisation - Answering the key questions “where to play”, by assessing markets on their potential to grow, and your ability to win, to identify investment priorities. Read our blog on how to improve your student recruitment in 2020


Triple-win; institution, agent and prospective student planning - Building plans that recognise and balance the needs of the institution with recruitment agents and prospective students to improve the prospective student experience and with it application and conversion rates.


International recruitment “6 drivers” strategy development - Start by identifying what the target market cares about the most, before identifying the most relevant proof points the institution can offer to engage the prospective students, to answer the key question; “why should I prefer to apply to your institution over your competition?”.


International advocacy campaigns - Engage prospective student’s by having their most trusted advisors advocate for the institution to them, to improve cut-through and influence.

These are structured and facilitated processes, using a range of frameworks to create an integrated and collaborative process for your team.

This is valuable as.....

The traditional approach to communication development focuses on the key messages the institution wishes to project into the market, failing to engage the target market on the issues they care about the most.


Communication should engage a defined target market and influence them to change their attitudes (and behaviour) towards the institution, whether the purpose is recruitment, internal engagement, building external esteem or generating media coverage.


Translating organisational objectives into target audience objectives enables us to refocus the process on the issues the target market cares about so that we can influence them to change the attitudes and behaviour towards the institution




  • Head of Marketing

  • Head of Recruitment

  • Head of international

  • Their teams


Bespoke, dependent of scope of project



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