Unleashing High Performance 

A practical program on how to elevate team performance to accelerate business outcomes

1-day course

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What Holds Back High Performance?

Most teams experience pain points which if not addressed can fester and lead to lower performance

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Unleashing High Performance

As business increases in complexity and structures become leaner - the competitive edge becomes performance.  Which is why MacMorgan developed a practical 1 day program - for all teams looking to take their performance to the next level

Developing culture from the Inside-Out, Customer Success from the Outside-In

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Course Curriculum

The program upskills leaders, and their teams, on HOW TO unleash high performance

C-Suite Program


  • The leadership challenge - leading with constant change

  • Vision: Communicating the “why”, not just the “what”

  • How Culture exists. By Design or by Default

  • How Leaders harness culture to drive performance

  • Driving change: Storytelling, Role Modelling & Accountability

  • Recognising Your Leadership Moments of Truth

  • Your Leadership commitment

Best For:

  • Senior leaders, Team Leaders, key influencers

Team Program


  • High Performance in a world of constant change

  • What defines a high performing team? The journey

  • Building trust: the first foundation

  • Defining our team purpose:  who are we?

  • Our Ways of Working: defining & fixing pain points

  • Design Thinking exercise “the Marshmallow challenge”

  • Our commitment: where to from here

Best For:

  • Business teams, cross functional teams, departments

Ensuring leaders and teams understand how together they can improve performance by actioning specific behaviours - back on the job

What Holds Back High Performance?

MacMORGAN work with you to tailor the program – for your business and teams

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Supporting the leader in enrolling their team upfront, and providing organisation specific insights on how to maximise impact ongoing

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