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Design Thinking for Agile Innovation

Turn business problems into customer centric solutions​

The world is moving at an increasingly rapid pace.

Greater complexity means more problems and issues, and yet customer expectations are increasing.


How do we understand and meet those expectations? Or achieve the holy grail by exceeding them?

1 day course

Private bespoke company training days can be held as required.

What is Design Thinking?

Some of the world’s most successful companies have used Design Thinking to help them create new products, services or operating procedures. All innovations that have helped them stay at the top of their game.


Design Thinking isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. It’s not a magic wand. It’s a mind-set. But once you’ve learned how to apply it, you’ll be amazed at how it can assist you in arriving at better, more customer-focused solutions—faster.

Our one-day program teaches the basics of Design Thinking and Agile Innovation and gives you real, practical tools that you can take into the workplace and put to use the very next day. We’ll take you through the following:

  • The origins of Design Thinking and how it applies to modern businesses

  • How problem finding can lead to true innovations

  • The importance of observation – either firsthand or through data analytics

  • How accurate customer journey mapping can lead to more relevant problem finding and better customer-focused solutions

  • How to develop the skills needed for rapid prototyping

  • Putting it all into action – how you can apply Design Thinking in everyday business

Course Curriculum

        Who is the course for? 

Design Thinking can benefit many people in many roles – anyone who’s looking for a new way to find and solve business problems, really – but is a valuable business tool for those working in marketing and sales.

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