Culture & Change -

from the Inside-Out 

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Inside-out Culture Transformation


A customer obsessed culture, with integrated organisational design that influences every customer touchpoint

Developing culture from the Inside-Out, Customer Success from the Outside-In

Outside-in CX Transformation


A customer centric approach with a single view of the customer & delivery that exceeds expectation

A critical part of transitioning to a CX Next Practice business

Culture & Change: From the Inside-Out

The catalyst for higher performance

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Culture is a hot topic - with global recognition of the key role that an organisations culture plays in fueling business performance - or undermining it!


Culture, in many organization has been left to the human resources team to lead and manage.  The message all leaders of teams need to hear now is that you own your team’s culture.  And it’s a powerful catalyst for change and performance – once you know how to harness it.


De-mystifying how to personally lead cultural change, and increase your teams engagement and performance is the focus of this program.

Leveraging Culture

Understand how you can leverage culture as a catalyst for higher performance

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Culture Program Curriculum

A practical program on how to lead through culture to fuel business performance

1 day course

Bespoke training days available now. ​

Culture belongs to everyone. 

Empower every person to understand & lead culture, and increase business performance with this course.


1 Day Training Overview:

  • What is Culture and the relationship to your organization’s values

  • Culture as your Brand: from the Inside-Out

  • Culture exists.  By Design or by Default

  • Harnessing Culture to drive performance:  how every leader can do this

  • Driving change: Storytelling, Role Modelling and Accountability

  • Recognising Your Leadership Moments of Truth: creating advocates, not cynics

  • Developing your personal culture roadmap

You will have a Personal Culture Impact Plan

To implement the next day

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Your “DNA” or Culture

Boards are more focused on culture in their organisations than ever before.  Learn how you can harness culture now 

Capturing data on key cultural indicators

Communicating ethical position of board 

Ensuring culture is a regular board topic 

Ensuring directors hear feedback 

Ensuring directors support action of cultural insights

Source: Australian Institute of Company Directors 2017

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