Competency Framework

What is a Marketing Competency Framework?

People need clear direction on what is expected of them, and how they can succeed.  


As marketing & CX complexity continues to increase – a competency framework is critical to setting expectations on skills and behaviours, and motivating individuals and teams to grow and succeed – at all levels

Competency framework

How does a framework help?

By providing clear direction on what skills are needed to succeed, you empower each person to higher performance everyday

Clear Skills and Behaviours

Clear Skills & Behaviours

  • For different roles

  • For different marketing roles

  • How it intersects with other roles

Empower Individuals

Empower Individuals 

  • Deliver on expectations

  • Know how to develop​

  • Own their career path

Our Bespoke Competency Frameworks

As each organisation is unique, MacMORGAN develop bespoke competency frameworks.  So you focus your teams on building the skills they need to drive the business, while reducing silos and improving retention.

Designed for your business, below is an illustrative example:

competency framework example

”I didn’t appreciate how much confusion there my whole team is clear on what the buzzwords actually mean, and what we need to get on and do!”


CMO, Retail industry

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