Examples of Our Work


Support the transformation of Australia’s leading sales operation from a traditional media transaction model to a fully aligned, client partnership model.



  • Design and develop new model, up-skilling current operational teams.

  • Work with key clients using MacMORGAN processes and tools, to design and develop better consumer centric marketing outcomes.



  • Training and process development embedded in teams

  • Key client partnership models now underway


Transform the market leading wagering business, under threat from new digital competitors, from a tactically reactive approach to strategic consumer centric marketing.



  • Design and implement new strategic processes, frameworks and tools.

  • Lead and train the team in a new go-to-market model

  • Move from events focus to consumer centric focus



  • Full process defined, designed and implemented

  • Marketing Department aligned and training delivered

  • New marketing planning process established

  • Campaign planning & development supported

  • Supported future strategic Marketing Plan

  • Coach and embedding underway


Transform a traditional go-to-market technology model by leveraging an underutilised CRM platform.



  • Over 30 cross functional stakeholders

  • Large technology investment

  • Define Purpose, Process, and Output



  • CRM marketing project restructured and re-juvinated

  • Three key operational weaknesses identified and addressed

  • Purpose redefined and strategically aligned across all stakeholders

  • New process implemented and embedded


Following extensive reviews, support the transformation of an outmoded marketing model to best-in-class leadership.



  • Over 140 marketers, agency partners 

  • 9 Faculties, 5 owned Entities

  • Plus aligning the Executive Leadership Group



  • Gained organization-wide strategic alignment

  • Marketing process design and implementation

  • Marketing training

  • Supported marketing campaign planning & development

  • Supported development of three year Strategic Plan

Case Studies

Our primary service is to help organisations transition and develop consumer-centric approaches. We are structured with principes, processes, tools and expertise to help organisations do this, from the Board to consumer facing frontline staff.


Tailored Approach: Define + Decide + Do


Every organisation has different requirements, and their relationships with their consumers configures differently.

So we tailor our approach. To learn more, see our MacMORGAN Consulting section.