How do you know if your agents are recommending you?

Close the agent recommendation gap to diversify and grow your international student cohort

Agents are critical for a university's success

Agents typically drive over 80% of a university's international students and as such provide a critical front-line function for the unviersity
An agents recommendation to prospective students is highly influential in their final decision on where to apply and enrol.
Agents impact the university's global brand reputation when they discuss the university with prospective international students

What you expect from agents may not be what you are getting

Most universities quite resonably expect their agent network to;
Recommend their institution to the prospective students they meet
Justify their recommendation with key reasons aligned to the university's brand proposition
Each agent can represent up to 30 universities and can't recommend each university they represent to every student they see

How big is the agent recommendation gap?

On average only 30% of a university's agents are recommending prospective students to apply to the university ahead of other institutions

Know what your agents are saying about you to prospective international students

Our off-shore mystery shop service enables you to understand what is really said in an agent's counselling session to prospective students

The agent mystery shopping process

Our simple methodology allows you to conduct in-depth qualitative research on agent recommendations

The outcomes from the research

At the end of the research you will get a in-depth report on the agent recommendation, global brand reputation, competitors reputation, key insights, and an action plan. We will also provide you with key insights videos and the interview scripts.

How agent mystery shopper research will help you improve agent recommendation

Adding agent experience data to operational data creates the understanding required to develop action plans to close the agent recommendation gap

Using triple win to build agent recommendation and global brand reputation

Recruitment strategies that don't meet the needs of all 3 stakeholders are unlikely to succeed
In a competitive market agents or students with unmet needs will support competitors. Evolving the university's approach to understand and meet the needs of the university, agents and students will enable the university to build agent recommendation and global brand reputation.
John Chatterton worked as marketing leader for both product, services and education organisations, before joining Australia’s leading marketing and experience management consultancy, focussing on operationalising next practice growth through your brands, people and customers.
We collaborate with higher education providers to drive growth by transforming their student recruitment experience, utilising our unique cross-category experience to redevelop next practice experience management practices for higher education sector.



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